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The Myth Makers Video

A brief introduction to a few of the colorful characters from the novel. Check it out on YouTube.

Native America Calling, November 2011

Featured Book of the Month. Listen to the live interview on November 30, 2011.

New York City:

Previous signings in NYC include the following venues.
  • Cornelia Street Cafe (where Lady Ga Ga waited on tables)
  • Bowry Poets Cafe
  • National Museum of the American Indian Bookstore & Gift Shop

Previous signings in Oklahoma include the following venues.
  • Full Circle Books, Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma Historical Society Bookstore
  • Muskogee Municipal Library
  • Borders Bookstore, Tulsa
  • Hastings Bookstore, Bartlesville

To be determined. Check back for updates.

J. Houston-Emerson is a writer, storyteller, painter, and teacher. Her inspiration comes from Cherokee cultural heritage and her creative work in the arts. Her debut novel "The Myth Makers" is at its core a family story, and yet its broader narrative engages the reader in the complex history of Indian Removal and the earlier days of Indian Territory. The author's series of paintings "The Shape Shift Series" is grounded in her understanding of this history and her own first-hand experiences in a similarly complex world.

- John Haworth (Cherokee), Director National Museum of the American Indian's Heye Center, New York City

What a fabulous venue to get this story out in such an entertaining way. It is a stunning book.

- Dr. Don Betz, President, Northeastern State University Tahlequah, Okla

Judith Emerson’s historic novel details a small cast of Cherokees just before, during, and after arriving in the new Indian Territory now called Oklahoma. You may have read of the Trail of Tears before but this composition will make it more personal. You are treated to a storyteller’s style through many of the events covered in the text. This gives the non-Cherokee a sense of how the Cherokees thought of the world and how a non-white reality was considered the common view. Using many archival texts Emerson’s stories are well documented. Yet she never fails to put the reader in the story’s action. This book is highly recommended for students of Indian Removal, Cherokee culture, and all who are interested in the passing of some of the oral tradition of the “Real People”, the Cherokee.

- Rodger Harris, retired from the Oklahoma Historical Society after twenty years as the oral historian.

Emerson is eminently qualified to weave this fictional tale based on factual happenings. Her grandfather, Mack Houston, may be remembered by many as an active member of the Cherokee Tribe. Fluent in both English and Cherokee, his stories reside not only in the hearts of his children and grandchildren, but were recorded in the Oklahoma Historical Society's oral history 'Living Legends' collection. 

- M. Carolyn Steele, Author of Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations

With artistic detail and dramatic flair Emerson weaves a colorful narrative of a culture disrupted, a people displaced, and a new nation created by the melding of an old and new mythology.

- Peggy Jo Hall, Author of His Mistress' Thrall

Well researched family history by Judith Emerson, her Cherokee ancestors of northwest Alabama and the community that they were forced to leave. Drawing on historical fact, oral tradition from her family and a vibrant imagination,Ms Emerson presents a living, breathing history legend!

- Nancy H. Olsen, Ph.D. Anthropology, De Anza College